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University Governance

The primary function of the University is teaching. However scholarly research and other professional activities of the faculty, continuing education, and community service are encouraged, promoted, and supported. In keeping with its focus on teaching, the University seeks to recruit, develop, and retain faculty who are dedicated to quality teaching by providing dynamic classroom learning experiences that integrate theory and practice. The institution values academic freedom and the professional opinions of its diverse faculty.

The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing academic and administrative policy and reviewing the performance of the University and its designated officers.  Performance is reviewed by regularly evaluating the accomplishment of goals that may be set forth by the Board of Directors. Board Directors are appointed by the shareholders at the corporate shareholder meeting. According to STU Bylaws, a faculty representative will sit on the Board of Directors as a voting member. The members of the Board hold their offices for a term of five years from the first day of their appointment and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Directors may be reappointed to serve one additional term for a total of ten years. The Board acts only as a committee of the whole; no member or subcommittee of the board acts on behalf of the Board except by formal delegation of authority by the governing board as a whole. At present, the Board has 5 members. 


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