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Goals and Objectives

Institutional Goals and Objectives
In accomplishing our mission, we are guided by the following basic goals and objectives:
• To help students achieve a superior level of professional skills in business and information technologies.
• To provide programs that meet the needs of the community while consistently reviewing the curriculum ensuring that the applicable skills and knowledge acquired result in employment.
• To offer graduates viable career options by providing quality educational programs based on employer-driven requirements.
• To provide job placement and maintain healthy relationship with students and employers.
• To instill, through knowledge, the ability to contribute to society in a professional and successful manner.
• To provide variable and accessible training opportunities that remain current with the most recent technologies.
• To hire faculty members who are industry experts and demonstrate expertise in their respective fields both professionally and academically.
• To provide our students with a facility that offers technologies and equipment relevant to the field of study.
• To develop within students a desire for life-long learning and education.

-Board Action (Approved September 2016)


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