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The mission of the Career Services Office is to assist STU students is to assist STU students and alumni in preparing and maintaining a successful career. Job placement services are available to graduates, currently enrolled students and former students.    This office serves as a source for employment opportunities. The Job Placement program continues to receive information about a substantial number of career-oriented positions, thus, providing students the opportunity to match their majors or interests with related employment.

Services of the Job Placement program include, but are not limited to:

  • Résumé Assistance:  Résumé assistance is offered through workshops and by appointment.  Regularly, the Career Services Office sponsors résumé building workshops and job fairs.  All students and alumni are urged to attend.
  • Job Opportunity Listings:  Employers may email, fax, or mail any employment opportunities to the University. These openings will remain active until the position is filled or until the employer is no longer interested.  Students may find job listing posted online.  This information is shared with alumni and department heads upon receipt.
  • Employer Resource Library:The Career Services Office maintains an employment resource library that contains information on many of the local companies. Employers are encouraged to send information to be included in this library. Also, many of the employer applications are maintained within these files.


Career exploration

What do I want to do when I grow up (no matter what age I am)?

Information for planning and goal setting guidance

Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? How will I get there?

Like any major decision, selecting a career involves a lot of fact finding. Take time to understand yourself and your personality. In addition, consider: Talking with people you know, hold Informational Interviews with Employers, research Professional Societies, trade groups and labor unions. Use the Library. Meet with an STU Career Services Advisor. You should assess career guidance materials carefully.


Career Skills Preparation

I know where I’m going…. How will I get there?   How do I get experience?             


Internships are generally initiated by students. There are two types of internships: experienced-based and academic. The internship should contribute to the success of the employer and allow you to gain significant on-the-job learning experience.

Some internship opportunities are paid; some can be arranged to include academic elective credit when successfully completed.      

Experience-based internships (to build a résumé or portfolio) require you to locate an employer willing to offer an internship for a designated period of time and in a designated role.

Academic internships for credit are the same as those for experience-based internships, plus the following:

  • The academic internship must provide 45 contact hours at the internship for each hour of credit
  • Involve an academically challenging project that is approved and monitored by your advisor in a related class
  • Complete a journal of all activities performed
  • Represent the College appropriately at the internship site
  • Pay related tuition and fees for the College credits involved

An STU internship coordinator oversees all internship activities.

Employers interested in offering internship opportunities may contact Career Services .

Learn more:


Join clubs and organizations in school and the community in order to gain skills.

Resume and Employment Assistance

What do I need to do before looking for a job?

A ‘perfect’ résumé and cover letter are the marketing tools needed to gain an interview. Be aware that some web sites offer services for a fee, but there are plenty of free resources on line, in your local library and at your school Career Services Center.

College Central STU online Career Services site offers articles and video tips on résumés, cover letters, interview skills and much more. Sign In.

Cover Letter Tips:

Résumé Tips:

I got the interview! Now what? Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Layoff? Re-Employment? Career Change?

Job Search

A successful job search will incorporate many ways of looking for, or creating, an open position: Talk with people you know, send letters, make phone calls, answer ads, use an employment agency, and work the internet to search job boards and employer web sites. Keep in mind that companies will advertise in various ways.


Job Boards 


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