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Fees and Tuition

Fees and Tuition (in USD) 2016 – 2018

Application Fee* $75.00
English Placement Test Fee* $25.00
Tuition per Credit Hour (Undergraduate) $350.00
Tuition per Credit Hour (Graduate) $425.00
Audit Tuition 1/3 of Normal Tuition
Registration Fee per Course* $70.00
Late Registration Fee* $70.00
Add/Drop Fee * $70.00
Removal of Incomplete Grade* $45.00
Withdrawal Fee* $45.00
Replacement Diploma* $200.00
Registrar’s Affidavit for Diploma* $50.00
Replacement ID Card* $25.00
Graduation Fee* $200.00
Challenge Exam Fee* $250.00
Transcripts per Copy* $15.00
Add $20.00 for Express Transcript*  (process within 48 hours)  
Returned Check Fee* $50.00
University Notary Service* $5.00
Overnight/Express Shipping* Varies
Apostille Fee* $150.00

Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice pending Board of Directors approval.

*non-refundable fees






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