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Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance is designed to prepare students for professional financial careers in industrial, financial, governmental, not-for-profit, and consulting organizations. Students majoring in finance have access to a faculty working across a wide range of subjects, including international finance, investment, corporate finance, finance economics, and commodity markets. Exposure to new research and age-old questions prepares students to be leaders in the financial services industry. The 120-credit Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance develops a solid foundation in principles of finance, including capital management, investment and portfolio management, financial institutions, and personal finance.


Course requirements:           120 credit hours


General Studies Courses:  60 credit hours

(Courses marked with “*” are required.)


English:  minimum 9 credit hours

COM 303        Intercultural Communications

COM 305        Writing for the Internet

ENG 111*       College English I

ENG 112*       College English II

ENG 113*       Introduction to Speech

Analytical Reasoning:  minimum 9 credit hours

MAT 103*      College Algebra

MAT 114        Mathematics for Computer Science

MAT 231*      Calculus

STA 201*        Introduction to Statistics

Cultural Studies:  minimum 6 credit hours

ANT 122         Introductory Anthropology

ANT 214         Human Evolution

ANT 219         Environmental Anthropology

HST 111          Early American History

HST 112          Islam and the Middle East

HST 213          History of Traditional East Asia

Arts & Humanities:  minimum 6 credit hours

ART 115         Modern Art History

PHI 201          Introduction to Western Philosophy

PHI 301          Logic

PHI 302          Ethics

Natural Sciences:  minimum 6 credit hours

SCI 124           Introduction to Chemistry

SCI 134           Introduction to Biology

SCI 144           Introduction to Physics

SCI 154           Introduction to Geology

SCI 164           Introduction to Environmental Science

Social & Behavioral Sciences:  minimum 6 credits

POL 120         American Political Thoughts

POL 130         Climate Changes and International Politics

SOC 300         Social Psychology

SOC 313         Law and Society

Major Requirements:                60 credit hours

Concentrations:         45 credit hours

ACC 201         Introduction to Financial Accounting

ECO 201         Principles of Microeconomics

ECO 202         Principles of Macroeconomics

FIN 201          Finance Theory

FIN 301          Financial Law

FIN 333          Financial Quantitative Methods

FIN 356          Financial Capital

FIN 380          Entrepreneurship

FIN 411          Investment

FIN 420          Real Estate Finance

FIN 422          Corporate Finance      

FIN 423          International Trade    

MGT 201        Principles of Management

MKT 201        Marketing Principles

MKT 307        Contemporary Globalization

Major/Concentration Electives (choose 5)**:         15 credit hours

ACC 215         Computerized Accounting

ACC 319         Managerial Accounting

ECO 307         The Global Economy

FIN 267          Personal Finance

FIN 352          Security Valuation

FIN 439          Behavioral Finance

MGT 300        Strategic Planning 

MGT 313        Teams, Groups and Leadership

MKT 377        E-Commerce

**  In selecting concentration courses, students are advised to consult with the Chair of the Finance Department.


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