Grading Policies

Grading System


Grades are based on student achievement, knowledge, and skill proficiency demonstrated in the classroom.  The grading policy for each class will be clearly communicated with students. 

Weighted Grades

STU instructors will specify the percentage weight of grades in their syllabi in compliance to the school grading policy. Instructors will use a weighted grading system that will be reflected in the   grading program. 

A grade is reported for each course in which a student has enrolled to indicate the quality of performance in that course. Normally, the course grades are assigned as:

                        90 – 100%  =     A                                           

                        80 – 89%    =    B

                        70 – 79%    =    C          

                        60 – 69%    =    D

                        Below 60% =    F

The grading system used at the Si Tanka University is as follows:

Grade Point Value Significance
A 4.0  
B 3.0  
C 2.0  
D 1.0 Only for Undergraduate
0.0 Failure
AU 0.0 Audit
I 0.0 Incomplete**
R 0.0 Repeat
S 0.0 Satisfactory***
U 0.0 Unsatisfactory***
W/P 0.0 Withdrawn Passing
W/F 0.0 Withdrawn Failing

**            An incomplete “I” may be given in lieu of a grade when circumstances beyond a student’s control have prevented completing a significant portion of the work of a course within the allotted time. The student’s performance in the course must otherwise be satisfactory. An incomplete must be removed in a manner and within the time determined by the instructor. It may not be continued beyond one quadmester from the end of the quadmester in which the “I” is given.  Failure of the student to remove the “I” by that date will result in an automatic grade of “F” being placed on the student’s permanent transcript.  An “I” cannot become a withdrawal “W”.

***          Given only for classes using the Satisfactory/ Unsatisfactory Grading Option. 

Grade Point Average (GPA)


The total quadmester hours in which grades of “A“, “B“, “C“, “D“ and “F” have been received at this institution divided into the corresponding total quality points earned constitute the student’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA). Likewise, the student’s GPA for any time period is found by dividing the credit hours in which grades other than “S” and “U” were received into the total quality points earned during that period.  For example: 


3 credit hours x A (4.0)                       =          12.0 quality points

3 credit hours x B (3.0)                       =          9.0 quality points

3 credit hours x C (2.0)                       =          6.0 quality points

9 credit hours                                      =          27.0 quality points

27.0 total quality points/9 hours         =          3.0 GPA


The student’s GPA indicates scholastic standing. Factors like effort, self-esteem, or placement prospects should be extraneous to the determination of grades.  


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